- the present vs the Bible

1 h

Worm Winther: Adam, Moses, Jesus
Ingvild Holm: God, Judas
Jørgen Knudsen: Eve, Maid of Pharaoh's Daughter, Disciple
Trine Falch: Daughter of Pharaoh, Disciple
Øyvind Berg: The Snake, Sister of Moses, Disciple
Per Henrik Svalastog: The Tree of Knowledge, Mother of Moses, Disciple
Bo Krister Wallström: Himself

The Norwegian Art Council


 - how things move
 - how shoes make the man
 - how birds get off with beaks
 - how potatoes make sense
 - how furniture function
 - how it goes without saying
 - how mountains are made
 - how a hard nut cracks
 - how there's plenty more fish in the sea
 - how clouds come and go
 - how some talk chinese
 - how the wind blows
 - how you always do the right thing
 - how nobody knows
 - how accidents happen
 - how the opera singers sing
 - how sorrows are shaken off
 - how dreams come true
 - how it just goes on and on
 - how something is made out of something
 - how stars look so small
 - how sleeping is a pleasure
 - how apples fall
 - how new it all seems
 - how shrimps move backwards
 - how you sit on the fence
 - how fingers grow nails
 - how the wolves howl with the wolves
 - how snow flakes turn into snow
 - how people laugh
 - how windows are seen through
 - how some people get into trains
 - how practice makes perfect
 - how it could be otherwise

Wonderland is here. Strange things are constantly taking place. Nothing is too good to be true. Baktruppen ready-make the world by conspicuous absence and godlike presence. FUNNYSORRYJESUS offers a sectional view of life: if you don't look out, it will pass unnoticed.


Baktruppen have a small office in Oslo. It used to be a shop and has a large window facing the dead end street Dælenenggata. In 2003 Baktruppen remade the office into a multi-functional grandstand for the audience to sit and watch things that are often ignored.

Like asphalt. Pretty dull. Then it appears that the basket in which Moses came drifting down the Nile was daubed with asphalt. FUNNY. If it wasn't for the asphalt, little Moses would have drowned and there wouldn't be a single commandment. Hark! Asphalt makes a difference.

After FUNNY came
FUNNYSORRY. Wearing identical bald old male masks Baktruppen wondered why modernism isn't mentioned in any of the main encyclopedias. And then there was a recreation of Adam and Eve and the Fall of Man.
FUNNYSORRYJESUS was a communion act based on the Last Supper and Christ's Ascension. Baktruppen consumed flesh and blood and went to heaven and back in less than one hour. What more can one say? Hallelujah?
Finally these three performances merged into one big FUNNYSORRYJESUS.