I say hark! If it does not shine, it is dark!


I have thrown fire upon the Earth
and I breathe to it
until the whole world is in flames

Where's James?

I am James I am Simon christened Peter, I am Jacob and John called Johannes christened Boanerges which means the sons of thunder, I am Andreas Philip Bartholomeus Mattheus, I am Thomas called Didymos Judas Thomas meaning Twin the Twin also said to be the twin of Jesus, Jacob's brother, I am not, I am Thaddeus and Simon and Judas Ischariot, as Twin the Twin says: Run the run, spin the spin, make fire.

Close to me you burn. Far from me you turn ice cold.

The fire is our brighter sister.
To play with her is pleasant.
The earth is our darker brother.
To play with him is pleasant.

Look at that which is right in front of your face, for there is nothing to see where no eyes can look.
See for yourselves:
And you will see the thorn in your left eye,
and you right hand will pick it right out.
But the big tree in your right eye will be invisible,
and therefore it must be hammered into your brain.
Then both your eyes will look empty,
and there'll be no reason to explain.

Whatever I say, I tell somebody, but I say different things to all of you.

Whatever your right hand sells, don't let your left hand buy.